Blue Ocean PPR Pipes and Fittings

Why should you consider Blue Ocean PPR Pipes?

- A complete range for residential and commercial projects:
– 16mm - 160mm
green pipes in 10/12.5 bar (blue line) for cold & chilled water, 16 Bar (red line) for hot & cold water and 25 bar fittings.
– DZR CW602N brass threaded adapters (1/2”-3”) and PPR flange adapters (32-160mm) to connect to any feature and to any other pipe system in any domestic and industrial condition.

– DZR CW602N brass is the highest grade brass for the harshest domestic and industrial conditions.

- Environmentally Responsible:
– 100% recyclable and directly recyclable, so no extra processes is needed.
At least a 50 year lifespan if correctly installed and designed, so less material consumption.
– Lowest to-market and after-market carbon footprint of any pipe system as PPR pipes and fittings are made and recycled at under 300 ºC.
– Extremely low thermal conductivity of 0.24 W/mK. So less lagging is needed to comply with the SANS 10400XA.
– Smooth surface reduce distribution losses and stay consistent during it's lifespan, therefore reducing energy needed for water reticulation.
– Full bore fittings also reduce distribution losses.
– No scale or lime build-up reduce distribution losses.
When PPR burns it gives off mostly CO2 and H2O, so it is less harmful than smoke from your braai.

- Health:
– One of the highest performing pipes systems for resistance to bacteria and bio-growth. (DVGW W270)
– PPR does not give of colours, flavours or odours to the water supply so it is ideal for labs and processing plants. Not to mention your home. (UBA KTW)

- Peace of Mind:
– Blue Ocean 10 year guarantee.

– LyondellBasell supply PPR raw material to the Blue Ocean Industrial Development (UK) Group.
– Due to the fusion bond between PPR pipes and PPR fittings it does not easily leak.
– Theft and vandal resistant as PPR has a very low 2nd hand value and can be hard to damage.

– PPR pipes and fittings have been in the SA market for over 10 years and in use internationally since the early 80's.

– Blue Ocean PPR pipes and fittings are produced in an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 18001 certified factory.

– Blue Ocean PPR pipes and fittings comply to the following international standards:


- Blue Ocean PPR pipes and fitting also have (or will have) the following certificates:


- Blue Ocean Souther Africa is a member of PHACT.


- Money Saver:

– Depending on the size of the project and product used, PPR can save you up to 50% on material costs.

– Plumbers with training and a little experience, can install PPR pipes as fast, if not faster, than they would copper pipes. This is done in the following ways:

  • The welding process fuses the pipe into the fitting. This means that prefabrication is possible and economies of scale come   into play.

  • PPR can handle working pressure as soon as the fusion process cooled down (3-15mins max).

  • Maintenance on PPR pipes are minimal...if ever.

  • You do not have to mess around with flux/gas or glue. From 16-160mm, the fusion process, in principle, stays the same.

PPR Pipes and fittings.
PPR Pipes and Fittings.

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PPR Pipes and Fittings.